Rock Your Sole is NOT affiliated with Doc Martens, converse or any other shoe retail company. All footwear are unbranded.
Additional policies and FAQs

While our items are made and sealed with the utmost protection, we ask that you should consider your custom piece a special occasion item. Most of our items are meant for light occasional use, especially our shoes. Try to avoid strenuous activity or long periods of wear. The materials used to make your shoes, make them less able to withstand wear and tear than standard footwear. Because of this, you may begin to see signs of creasing or cracking where the shoes bend and flex. Again we encourage you to see this as adding character to the shoes! Avoid exposure to dirt, fire, excessive heat, and large amounts of water i.e. puddles. You can gently spot clean them with a soft damp cloth if necessary.

If you are concerned about fit, we recommend contacting us for advice or ordering the next size up. Buyers assume full responsibility for selecting the correct *UK* shoe size for purchase. 

Have something slightly different in mind? Feel free to contact us as soon as possible so we can make your idea come to life. We love to try new ideas!